In honor of Anthony Bourdain’s passing, I am posting a massive dump of foodie adventure today. From one Vassar food freak to another.

Benin Pork Shop
Cotonou Pork Stop with Louis sometime in 2017

Benin BBQ Pork!

Grilling on the Beach in Togo
Togo Grill on the beach in Lome

Snapping Turtle in the Central African Republic
Snapping Turtle in the Central African Republic

Chez Brovi, the best…
Inside Chez Brovi

Chez Brovi Lome /></p>
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Cameroun Mutzig

Resting in Barca at Bar Canete
Bar Canete Barca

The Fish Hut in Dubai
Spicy Pomfret in Dubai

Dubai Fish Hut Rocks

Cane Rat at Madame Mboka’s in Bangui
Bangui Cane Rat at Madame Mbokas

Massive Sandwiches in Mexico City
Mexico City Massive

Places in Cotonou have funny names
Cotonou Places have funny names

Surf and Turf at the Jersey Shore
Lobsters at the Jersey Shore

Classic Atieke in Cotonou at the Maquis du Port
Classic Attieke Maquis du Port Cotonou

Nice Falooda in Dubai
How about a nice falooda

A fifty cent street fix in Cotonou
Cheap in Cotonou

In the cave in Paris….
In the cave in Paris