Let’s try something new. Can I post some art I’ve picked up over the years? Fantastic artists, unknown people…The best artists are, and stay that way…

Let’s see how this looks. Can I even do this with WordPress?..

I am posting some of the art from fantastic artist I’ve met, as well as some pieces I’ve found.

The Faces
Samuel Tetteh-Katchan is based in Togo and Ghana. You know how it is…He’s work is always evolving and looks totally different every few years. I picked up several pieces during this period.


The artist below, Ferrand Nkouni is Burkinabe, but he’s based in Paris. At least he was when I met him in Accra. The work is called “The People Inside.” When I was based in Ouagadougou, many years after I purchased this painting, I noticed many of his pieces around town, in the office and elsewhere.
Ferrand Nkouni's The People Inside

I picked up this sculpture many years ago in Rwanda. I was told it is Chokwe, but I am not an expert.
A Chokwe sculpture, I think...

Shifting gears, Anton Shkolniy is amazing. I learned about him in Almaty. He is from Almaty.
Anton Shkolniy from Almaty

This Ouagalais artist is getting very popular. I picked up a small piece…..
A sculpture by an artist from Ouagadougou