Even though both Anthony Bourdain and I went to Vassar, I’m still better at covering the real deal than he is. If you’ve read the food pages, you know what that means.  I’ve been at the Bank for a year now in West Africa, working 24/7 with no time to blog, but I have to ease back into it. Food is a good place to start.

The Smoked Lamb at the Danka Restaurant in Bobo Dioulasso


Everybody knows this place....



In Burkina Faso, you drink Flag, Brakina and Castel beer. It all taste the same. We can do better…craft beer!

Brew your own...


Chez Norella Belgian Saison

I was in Paris this summer for some relief. I like a nice marrow bone. Here is what the Bistro du Peintre serves up. Note the 500 of CdR. I think it was a Tricastin where the nuclear power plant is. Did they lose that appellation yet?

Marrow Bone at the Bistro du Peintre in Paris


So I came to Ouagadougou from Almaty for a pre-assignment visit summer 2012. These organizations give you cash to feed yourself when you travel, but I pocket most of it, as I eat at local places that are quite economical. Who wants to eat at some overpriced luxury hotel in a place like Ouaga where it’s even money that the buffet hasn’t been adequately kept fresh?  My colleagues in town on mission drop like flies eating at such places while passing on the much tastier local places I drag them to.

Spicy Guts Soup at the Togolese Place in Ouagadougou (Zone du Bois)