The large number of migrants from conflict zones are arriving in Europe is expected to increase. Three factors appear to be the primary determinants of the flow: 1. severity of violence in areas of migrant origination, 2. proximity to areas of relative economic opportunity and 3. the economic means of the migrants. I apologize if this is intuitively obvious, but I want to focus on Sub-Saharan economic growth, job creation and the link to migration, even if most of these migrants do no originate from Africa. This post was also spurred by an email from a colleague who shared an IMF regional economic outlook report with an analysis of population age and job growth. The report was cautiously optimistic indicating that as the wealthier economies see their workforce age, their percentage of workers in key age brackets will decrease while Africa will see the number of workers in these age brackets continue beyond 2030. The period 2035-2060 projects Africa to be the only region adding significant numbers to the global workforce. The research underlines that trade and economic integration create an opportunity for African economies to increase per capital GDP. Policies and actions are needed by governments to assure outcomes on the more positive side. Sub-Saharan GDP growth is highly dependent on commodity prices. Linkages between extractive industries and indigenous businesses of all sizes are inadequate to create the number of jobs needed. Along with developing these linkages, other sources of economic growth that are needed: more productive jobs in manufacturing and services. Can countries in a commodity-dependent economy make the sustained, huge public investments needed to turn finite resources into more permanent resources? Can they “turn” gold, oil, land and water into more infrastructure and a better educated, healthier workforce fast enough? This is the prerequisite for achieving inclusive growth, and having the growing ranks of the African workers benefit from trade and economic integration in ways other than looking for the exits….