That is the question. It was put to me several times over the last few months as colleagues sought the best chance for integrating Afghanistan with larger neighboring markets: China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan etc. Looking at the pace of improvements in economic integration in Central Asia, I am hesitant to commit to one corridor or another. The pace of regional economic integration, improvements in supply chain performance and the modernization of how countries in the region trade evidences irregular progress over the past 10 years. The countries governments and capacity to reform are diverse, despite the need for similar kinds of reforms across South and Central Asia. Running trade facilitation projects in Central Asia has proved that opportunities need to be taken when and where they appear. Is one action going to encourage a major investment in transport infrastructure? Is the new chairman of Customs in Uzbekistan a reformer willing to speed up clearance of goods in and out of the Termez crossing? These incidences are difficult to predict, but, most often, are the drivers progress in areas like implementation of Single Window systems for import/export, adoption of best practices in border management, decreasing delays for transit cargoes and putting in place new systems that help Central Asian businesses make more money.

Corridors 5 and 6 are references to specific transport corridors on with the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program focuses.