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The picture of the week is from a project Serdar and I designed about two years ago for Turkmenistan. Now, calves are being born. My boss still takes the piss due to the project focus being artificial insemination and greenhouses. He arrived at post after the whole project piece for plugging farmers into agricultural processors had to be dropped for lack of funding. Oh well, AI and greenhouses are working well…

Some press on USAID’s Regional Trade Liberalization and Customs Project

I saw this press release from Kazakhstan’s Center for Trade Policy Development concerning the Regional Trade Liberalization and Customs Project. I managed this project until it ended in September. This was USAID’s most significant trade facilitation activity in Central Asia over the past five years.

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The EurAsEC Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakstan.

I was cited by a journalist in one of the online Central Asian business journals.  My prose is likely much more elegant in Russian, but the writer got the point. 

The OECD/WTO Aid for Trade Report

$40 billion spent by donors on Aid for Trade. Success stories can be found in the report from the OECD here.

Berlin News

My brother’s latest article in the Guardian.



Minister Kelimbetov at the World Economic Forum

An attempt to inbed a video of Kazakhstan’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade Kelimbetov from Bloomberg.

At long last, upgrading the blog at

The Strategy Den will be back to its normal self once I complete this migration to an almost current version of WordPress.

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